Matanzas City only has one hotel presently -- Hotel Velasco. But nearby is Hotel Canimao, and the province includes plenty of others including Hotel Playa Giron, Hotel Playa Larga, Hotel Batey Don Pedro, Hotel Canimao, Hotel Casa del Valle, Hotel Guama, Hotel Villa Loma, and of course the hotels of Varadero. Note that currently none of the hotels in the Matanzas city or the province is actually called "Hotel Matanzas".


"The Athens of Cuba" and City of the Bridges

Matanzas limits to the west with Havana, to the north with the Strait of the Florida, to the east with Villa Clara. Their capital is the city of Matanzas. It is known as the" Athens of Cuba"; it is a rich city in cultural events. It is also said that it is the city of the bridges.

Matanzas City from Bay

Christopher Columbus, in his 2 trip of 1494, observed the southern coast of Matanzas, however the true contact initial of the Spaniards takes place in 1508, when Sebastian of Ocampo carries out the cabotage of the Island.

The first significant fact of their history, and reason why it takes their name it happens in 1510, when a group of aboriginal gave death to a group of Spaniards. The fact acquires singular relevance because the conquest of Cuba had not still begun and this early rebellious action acquires the merit at par of the primacy that, for its bloody repercussion, gave name to the place, SLAUGHTERS "MATANZAS".

The city of San Carlos and San Severino of Matanzas were founded in October of 1693 in a privileged place of the north geography of Cuba among the outlet of the rivers Yumurí, San Juan and Canimar.

Rio Canimar Park, Matanzas

From their foundation near the XIV century Matanzas has been considered one of the most outstanding places in the culture in the country. From very early age the area was baptized with the alias of" Athens of Cuba", thanks to the outstanding cultural events that gave place in the region.